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I hate being sick. I mean, I really do, and unfortunately, that I am. I mean, not feverish sick (I hope, I dunno I haven't checked my temp at all today) but sniffling, sneezing, headachey kinda sick. It sucks. I took some medicine that made me totally I slept from 5 pm until 9:30 I am not tired at all. Everyone is in the bed here.

I ate too much Tuna melt earlier. Heh. Tuna melt, breadsticks, and salad. And some Raisinets, too! YUM! Right now I am thinking that some Chef Boyardee is sounding awfully good. :)

I am also half-watching Halloween: H20 right now. I hope I don't freak myself out or anything. There is not much to do since everyone is asleep and my sister Mindy isn't online. That is a major shocker! :) j/k Mindy, where are yoooou?

Nothing much went on today, but I did go to my sister's orthodontist appointment with her and we went to her temple. It's a Buddhist temple and is really cool! I mean it's awesome with all of the statues and stuff! I bought a cool bracelet there and some bookmarks and stuff! Woo hoo!

Well, this entry is getting long...more tomorrow! Chef Boyardee, here I come! :)


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