Jun. 10th, 2000

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Yesterday was my sister's birthday! Go Mish, it's your birthday! (Well...WAS) Woo hoo! She just turned the ripe 'ol age of 32! :)

I got up really late yesterday morning and then I had to watch Passions. It's an addiction, I need help. At least I'm a young 'un that watches it. I've noticed that all of the people that run websites dealing with the show are commonly white trailer trash hillbillies in their 40s or 50s. YEE HAW!

After watching my beautiful soap opera which consists of a lot of actors and actresses that couldn't act if their very lives depended on it, I decided to get ready.

So, after taking a shower and getting ready, Mish and I drove down to PetSmart. That store kicks! Any place that carries bottled sports drinks for dogs and cats is cool. Then we went to Best Buy where I looked around at some stuff, CDs and crap, mostly. Then it was off to Fry's, woooo!

Fry's was interesting. Their mascot is this little yellow computer chip, he is a freeeeeak! I didn't buy anything at Fry's, and I can't believe they didn't charge me to sit on the motorized chair and play that video game. I figure my trip to Fry's was worth it.

Later on we went to Albertson's! YES! GENERIC SODAS! Man, I got me some Alpine Mist, which is the generic equivalent to Mountain Dew, and I laid eyes on Dr. A...which is, guess...the equivalent to Dr. Pepper! California is gonna be fun with my generic sodas. :)

P.S. I will write another entry today. Dayum me, gettin' behind on my entries. I guess yesterday was too fast-paced, (what with me goin' to Albertson's and all) for me to write an entry. Today Mish and I are going to some other places, so look for an entry tonight.


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