Jun. 13th, 2000

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I have been sick. The worst kinda sick to me is when you have a stuffy nose. ARGH! I hate it soooooooooooo much. I have a box of tissues that I am literally keeping by my side every waking moment. UGH! This morning, I got up at around 5:00 am and got on the computer and messed around a bit, because I felt so horrible and couldn't sleep, and then I watched some TV and finally went back to bed. Then, I got up at 10:00 am and watched TV till 12:00 pm and went back to bed until 4 pm! My sleeping schedule is so screwed up! Yeesh.

So after I got up I had some lasagna stuff...like hamburger helper or something along those lines, and then I watched TV for a while with my sister and her boyfriend. Aaaaand then we went and got Jack in the Box. Heh, I had a teriyaki chicken bowl combo, which came with an egg roll, and a drink (Coke, baby!) along with the actual teriyaki bowl so it was all good. It sucked though because riding back in the car I got GREASE all over my shirt! My sister's bacon cheddar cheese fries made the bag SO greasy, it seeped through and onto my beloved shirt. GRR!

We've been watching Trauma: Life in the ER a lot today, lol...it's gross, we were watching it while eating our Jack in the Box. Heh, I think it made my sis lose her appetite. :) I dunno what they are in there watching now. I think maybe it's The Faculty. Anyhow, I totally love their TV...it's big, they have surround sound speakers, and they have this dish and they get ALL KINDS of channels, plus the pay-per-view channels for free, all day, every day! Ahem, don't ask how they got those without paying. ::coughs::
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Hey...I am just checking to see if this new Live Journal thing I downloaded works! After this, it's off to TV Land. I need to catch up on some TV watchin'...more later...or tomorrow, depending on if I go to bed early or not...heh.


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