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...and they sure can pass time! I bought 4 books at this place called Bookstar at the Brea Mall tonight, and I spent like twenty-three bucks and something on them. They are worth it though, I think. I got a book with a bunch of short stories in it, two books that are written kinda like in the form of a diary and then letters between two girls, and one book by a cool author I like that's some kind of murder mystery. :) I still want to get which is a book by a teen who met her "online love" only to find out he was a 40-something-year-old named Frank, and also Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul III. I already have book one and two! :) I love that series!

Yeah, well...maaaaan, my cash supply is running low! LOL! :) Oh well. I might be going home earlier than I had anticipated anyway, which sucks. I have this "HUGE" youth commission meeting to attend...they are reelecting officers and I am secretary. I might not get reelected (like I give a CRAP) but there are other very important things going on at this meeting that I sorta need to be there for. For instance, we are taking a trip to New Mexico to visit our sister city that started a youth commission after we did, and the officers are required to go. Soooo, depending on whether or not I get reelected, I might have to go.

Also, the 4th of July parade is coming up shortly and I am supposed to be in that. Not ONLY that, but we have to review some attendance crap, all this evil stuff. Grr. Anyway...moving on...

Tonight I had Japanese food for the first time! Yuuuum! I had Tempura shrimp. It was like, the deep fried kind of shrimp, with lo mein (aaah pepper on it!) and salad and rice. I also had these ricey-roll thingies, they were weird! They were kinda sweet...I dunno hard to explain! Well I am gonna go read now, because reading is much better for a person than sitting on a computer staring at the screen is.
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