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Wow, I am finally in CA, although the trip was a long and frustrating one! Remind me never to fly the friendly skies again! My dad and I got to the airport at around 5:30 pm mountain time, to make sure we had enough time to check my bags in and stuff, and then once we got to my gate, we found out that my flight had been delayed, so instead of departing at 6:58, we'd be leaving at 7:40. Ok, fine, no big deal, right? I figured my dad and I could just go get something to eat and chill for a while., that's not exactly how it worked out.

Turns out the flight was delayed until 8:00 pm, and we didn't get to take off until 9:00 pm because of bad weather conditions! Finally we got in the air, though. I had a window seat, which rocked, and my seat was right "on" the wing, so to speak. It was pretty cool. I tried to read the entire time but I was distracted and stuff. The guy next to me slept the whole flight, and the guy next to him kept trying to clear the mucus out of his mouth or nose or throat or SOMETHING. Ew.

I got in to LAX at around 10:00 pm...and then woo hoo! There was my sister Mish waiting for me at the gate! Yay! And guess who Mish came face to face with at the airport?! Claire Danes! Cool, huh?! I saw two limos already, cool long black ones, and I think they were filming a movie on the highway that we were on. Yee haw!

Ooh. I got to eat Del Taco. The chili cheese fries are hot. Dayum. Oh well, I had a chicken burrito so it's all good. Ohh, and my sister's cats are really interesting. They are kinda scared of me, and they keep giving me the evil eye. I am scared. Freaky. :) Well, anyway, I am really tired, I think I am going to get ready for bed! More tomorrow!


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