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Sorry this is going to be long, I can tell you right now, since I was lazy and didn't write an entry for last night. Heh. Um...oops. Anyway, yesterday my sis and I went to the Brea Mall in...Brea, lol, and we had fun. That mall has escalators and a HUGE food court and everything. Better than the sucky 'ol Greeley Mall back home. Definitely.

I bought a lot of stuff in the Sanrio store, and I chipped in some money to buy my mom some was pretty pricey for a thing of perfume. I also bought some other junk. Novelty stuff mostly. I was going to buy a journal, but my sis gave me her's that she'd never written in. It's so cool. Not that I don't love this LiveJournal thing *wink* *wink* but I need paper to put my thoughts on so I can have them always and forever.

Today, we hung out at the apartment most of the day and then went out to eat at Ruby's diner. It's so cool. It's a chain out here in CA, I am not sure if it's in other states, as well, but it's a 50's diner. The girl waitresses dress up in these little outfits that look like they came straight from that era, and the glasses they serve beverages in and the booths and tables are totally 50's. :) It's neato.

Then my sis and I went on down to Newport Beach! We wanted to go late in the evening so we wouldn't be down there in the heat with a lot of traffic and tourists, too. It was so cool down there, I love the beach! We took our shoes off and had fun...took a lot of pictures! :) I played in the water; my feet got muddy, but you know, it was all in good fun! Then we came back to her house but got a Frozen Coke and 2 milkshakes from Burger King first. Oh, and we went in this grocery store and they had a Coin Star machine...with my sister's change and mine combined, we had $23 dollars! Isn't that just spiffy?!

Well, this is long enough, I think I am going to go read for a bit and then it's off to bed for me! I have to get up semi-early tomorrow to go to Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, etc. We are going to take a ton of pictures! I can't wait to get to the Walk of Fame! Yee haw.

P.S. I can't believe I almost forgot to tell you! I left out a piece of very pertinent information that you must ALL know! LOL! When we got back to the parking lot after being on the beach barefoot, we decided to throw our sandals in the back of the truck since they were sandy and dirty. Later, as we were cruisin', we saw the Hard Rock Cafe and decided to stop and run over and take pictures in front of the sign. It was so funny, we were running across the street in front of the Hard Rock barefoot, all dirty and scrubby from being on the beach. People were looking at us weird. Or maybe it was just me...being all paranoid and stuff! But I just think that was funny. And then, we got out of the truck again in the parking lot adjacent to the one we had been parked in and we were taking a picture of a white limo, when all of the sudden the owner walked up to it. I'm sure he saw us doing it! :) We are such idiots! But it was fun!
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...and they sure can pass time! I bought 4 books at this place called Bookstar at the Brea Mall tonight, and I spent like twenty-three bucks and something on them. They are worth it though, I think. I got a book with a bunch of short stories in it, two books that are written kinda like in the form of a diary and then letters between two girls, and one book by a cool author I like that's some kind of murder mystery. :) I still want to get which is a book by a teen who met her "online love" only to find out he was a 40-something-year-old named Frank, and also Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul III. I already have book one and two! :) I love that series!

Yeah, well...maaaaan, my cash supply is running low! LOL! :) Oh well. I might be going home earlier than I had anticipated anyway, which sucks. I have this "HUGE" youth commission meeting to attend...they are reelecting officers and I am secretary. I might not get reelected (like I give a CRAP) but there are other very important things going on at this meeting that I sorta need to be there for. For instance, we are taking a trip to New Mexico to visit our sister city that started a youth commission after we did, and the officers are required to go. Soooo, depending on whether or not I get reelected, I might have to go.

Also, the 4th of July parade is coming up shortly and I am supposed to be in that. Not ONLY that, but we have to review some attendance crap, all this evil stuff. Grr. Anyway...moving on...

Tonight I had Japanese food for the first time! Yuuuum! I had Tempura shrimp. It was like, the deep fried kind of shrimp, with lo mein (aaah pepper on it!) and salad and rice. I also had these ricey-roll thingies, they were weird! They were kinda sweet...I dunno hard to explain! Well I am gonna go read now, because reading is much better for a person than sitting on a computer staring at the screen is.
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Well, I think I am about to go to bed. It's around 12:50 am and I am getting a bit on the sleepy side. I took some Nyquil earlier, it's no wonder I haven't keeled over onto the keyboard yet! :) I just got done watching Double Jeopardy (pretty good movie!) and eating some Chef Boyardee! Woooo! Spaghetti and meatballs...yummy in da tummy! Ricki Lake is on right's such a degrading topic! It's like about gay people that want to be straight for one date with a person of the opposite sex. It's titled "I'm Gay But I Want A Straight Date." Geez. Talk shows are very evil. Dontcha think? :P Well, g'night! (P.S. Dayum it's hot in here!)
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Hey...I am just checking to see if this new Live Journal thing I downloaded works! After this, it's off to TV Land. I need to catch up on some TV watchin'...more later...or tomorrow, depending on if I go to bed early or not...heh.
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I have been sick. The worst kinda sick to me is when you have a stuffy nose. ARGH! I hate it soooooooooooo much. I have a box of tissues that I am literally keeping by my side every waking moment. UGH! This morning, I got up at around 5:00 am and got on the computer and messed around a bit, because I felt so horrible and couldn't sleep, and then I watched some TV and finally went back to bed. Then, I got up at 10:00 am and watched TV till 12:00 pm and went back to bed until 4 pm! My sleeping schedule is so screwed up! Yeesh.

So after I got up I had some lasagna hamburger helper or something along those lines, and then I watched TV for a while with my sister and her boyfriend. Aaaaand then we went and got Jack in the Box. Heh, I had a teriyaki chicken bowl combo, which came with an egg roll, and a drink (Coke, baby!) along with the actual teriyaki bowl so it was all good. It sucked though because riding back in the car I got GREASE all over my shirt! My sister's bacon cheddar cheese fries made the bag SO greasy, it seeped through and onto my beloved shirt. GRR!

We've been watching Trauma: Life in the ER a lot today,'s gross, we were watching it while eating our Jack in the Box. Heh, I think it made my sis lose her appetite. :) I dunno what they are in there watching now. I think maybe it's The Faculty. Anyhow, I totally love their's big, they have surround sound speakers, and they have this dish and they get ALL KINDS of channels, plus the pay-per-view channels for free, all day, every day! Ahem, don't ask how they got those without paying. ::coughs::
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I hate being sick. I mean, I really do, and unfortunately, that I am. I mean, not feverish sick (I hope, I dunno I haven't checked my temp at all today) but sniffling, sneezing, headachey kinda sick. It sucks. I took some medicine that made me totally I slept from 5 pm until 9:30 I am not tired at all. Everyone is in the bed here.

I ate too much Tuna melt earlier. Heh. Tuna melt, breadsticks, and salad. And some Raisinets, too! YUM! Right now I am thinking that some Chef Boyardee is sounding awfully good. :)

I am also half-watching Halloween: H20 right now. I hope I don't freak myself out or anything. There is not much to do since everyone is asleep and my sister Mindy isn't online. That is a major shocker! :) j/k Mindy, where are yoooou?

Nothing much went on today, but I did go to my sister's orthodontist appointment with her and we went to her temple. It's a Buddhist temple and is really cool! I mean it's awesome with all of the statues and stuff! I bought a cool bracelet there and some bookmarks and stuff! Woo hoo!

Well, this entry is getting long...more tomorrow! Chef Boyardee, here I come! :)
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I am so tired. It's like, 2:25 am. Woooow. I need to get in the bed otherwise I will be asleep until 4 pm, and that will just suck.

Today we didn't do anything too special, but I must say, I am totally burnt out on sugar. I had a whole bunch of licorice sticks, some chocolate covered raisins, cookies...blaaaah. The guy in Albertson's who checked us out thought we were pot heads that were having the munchies. Seriously!

I ate a Boston Market Chicken Carver sandwich tonight. Yum yum! I loooooved it. With mashed potatoes. I am content! More tomorrow! :)
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Yesterday was my sister's birthday! Go Mish, it's your birthday! (Well...WAS) Woo hoo! She just turned the ripe 'ol age of 32! :)

I got up really late yesterday morning and then I had to watch Passions. It's an addiction, I need help. At least I'm a young 'un that watches it. I've noticed that all of the people that run websites dealing with the show are commonly white trailer trash hillbillies in their 40s or 50s. YEE HAW!

After watching my beautiful soap opera which consists of a lot of actors and actresses that couldn't act if their very lives depended on it, I decided to get ready.

So, after taking a shower and getting ready, Mish and I drove down to PetSmart. That store kicks! Any place that carries bottled sports drinks for dogs and cats is cool. Then we went to Best Buy where I looked around at some stuff, CDs and crap, mostly. Then it was off to Fry's, woooo!

Fry's was interesting. Their mascot is this little yellow computer chip, he is a freeeeeak! I didn't buy anything at Fry's, and I can't believe they didn't charge me to sit on the motorized chair and play that video game. I figure my trip to Fry's was worth it.

Later on we went to Albertson's! YES! GENERIC SODAS! Man, I got me some Alpine Mist, which is the generic equivalent to Mountain Dew, and I laid eyes on Dr. A...which is, guess...the equivalent to Dr. Pepper! California is gonna be fun with my generic sodas. :)

P.S. I will write another entry today. Dayum me, gettin' behind on my entries. I guess yesterday was too fast-paced, (what with me goin' to Albertson's and all) for me to write an entry. Today Mish and I are going to some other places, so look for an entry tonight.
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Wow, I am finally in CA, although the trip was a long and frustrating one! Remind me never to fly the friendly skies again! My dad and I got to the airport at around 5:30 pm mountain time, to make sure we had enough time to check my bags in and stuff, and then once we got to my gate, we found out that my flight had been delayed, so instead of departing at 6:58, we'd be leaving at 7:40. Ok, fine, no big deal, right? I figured my dad and I could just go get something to eat and chill for a while., that's not exactly how it worked out.

Turns out the flight was delayed until 8:00 pm, and we didn't get to take off until 9:00 pm because of bad weather conditions! Finally we got in the air, though. I had a window seat, which rocked, and my seat was right "on" the wing, so to speak. It was pretty cool. I tried to read the entire time but I was distracted and stuff. The guy next to me slept the whole flight, and the guy next to him kept trying to clear the mucus out of his mouth or nose or throat or SOMETHING. Ew.

I got in to LAX at around 10:00 pm...and then woo hoo! There was my sister Mish waiting for me at the gate! Yay! And guess who Mish came face to face with at the airport?! Claire Danes! Cool, huh?! I saw two limos already, cool long black ones, and I think they were filming a movie on the highway that we were on. Yee haw!

Ooh. I got to eat Del Taco. The chili cheese fries are hot. Dayum. Oh well, I had a chicken burrito so it's all good. Ohh, and my sister's cats are really interesting. They are kinda scared of me, and they keep giving me the evil eye. I am scared. Freaky. :) Well, anyway, I am really tired, I think I am going to get ready for bed! More tomorrow!
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